The Trebach Report "Addicts are the scapegoat of our age."
--Reverend Terence E. Tanner, London, 1979

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"I believe that the Christian nations as a whole have never grasped the Holocaust�. And even though the years are going by, everyone carries around, with a feeling of annoyance and sometimes irritation, his small part in the guilt for the most extraordinary slaughter in history - because it was pointless, because it was not the inherent evil of the Jews that it revealed, but rather of what contemporary, civilized, cultured individuals - we ourselves - are capable�. So what is happening now? The opportunity has come along to transform the image of the Jew as martyr into the Jew as executioner." --Francoise Giroud, Le Monde, Paris, as reprinted in English in Ha'aretz, Jerusalem, June 22, 2002

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Dr. Trebach WELCOME
Arnold S. Trebach

When I set this site up several years ago, my main interest was the development of better drug policies. That is now only one of my main interests.

Since 9/11, however, I have felt compelled to deal with terrorism, the Middle East, and the fate of Israel and my brother and sister Jews of the United States and the world. Again, as it has been for eons, Jews and Jewish institutions are under attack, or the threat of attack, almost everywhere. I might well have accompanied the epigram above dealing with addicts with another that could have said, "Jews are the enduring scapegoats of history." The events of the past few years have brought that ugly truth home to me once again. At the same time, it is encouraging to see the strong support for Israel and for the rights of Jews at all levels of the American nation, including among the highest ranks of the government. Accordingly, I will deal with all of these issues in addition to drug policy.

Blinded by drugs

The Ottawa Citizen

By Dan Gardner

Last week, the U.S. commission examining the Sept. 11 attacks issued a statement of facts that helps explain why the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to stop the al-Qaeda plot. Counter-terrorism just wasn't a priority for the FBI, the commission said. Instead, the bureau was too busy fighting the never-ending war on drugs.

"As the terrorism danger grew, (FBI) Director (Louis) Freeh faced the choice of whether to lower the priority the FBI attached to work on general crime, including the war on drugs, and allocate those resources to terrorism," the commission noted. Formally, the FBI did make terrorism the priority, but "it did not shift its human resources accordingly." In 2000, "there were twice as many agents devoted to drug-enforcement matters as to counter-terrorism" and even agents who were assigned to counter-terrorism were often moved temporarily to drugs and crime.

The End of American Jewry's Golden Era

An Interview with Daniel Pipes
By Danial Pipes

This item is available online, at

Daniel Pipes has been researching Islam for the past three and a half decades. He directs the Middle East Forum - a Philadelphia think tank. Among his twelve books, four focus on Islam. In 2003, President Bush appointed him to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Years before September 11, 2001, Pipes uttered warnings that militant Islam was a violent threat to American security. In 1998, he wrote in the European edition of the Wall Street Journal that militant Muslims were at war with America, not because of what America did, but because Islamists perceive themselves as being in a long-term conflict with the values of the West.

Why we must never abandon this historic struggle in Iraq

By Tony Blair
The Observer

We are locked in a historic struggle in Iraq. On its outcome hangs more than the fate of the Iraqi people. Were we to fail, which we will not, it is more than 'the power of America' that would be defeated. The hope of freedom and religious tolerance in Iraq would be snuffed out. Dictators would rejoice; fanatics and terrorists would be triumphant. Every nascent strand of moderate Arab opinion, knowing full well that the future should not belong to fundamentalist religion, would be set back in bitter disappointment.

If we succeed - if Iraq becomes a sovereign state, governed democratically by the Iraqi people; the wealth of that potentially rich country, their wealth; the oil, their oil; the police state replaced by the rule of law and respect for human rights - imagine the blow dealt to the poisonous propaganda of the extremists. Imagine the propulsion toward change it would inaugurate all over the Middle East.

In every country, including our own, the fanatics are preaching their gospel of hate, basing their doctrine on a wilful perversion of the true religion of Islam. At their fringe are groups of young men prepared to conduct terrorist attacks however and whenever they can. Thousands of victims the world over have now died, but the impact is worse than the death of innocent people. [FULL TEXT]

Schlock, Yes; Awe, No; Fascism, Probably

The Flogging Mel Gibson Demands.
By Christopher Hitchens

The gay movement in the United States "and the demand for civil unions and even for actual marriage" has had at least one good effect with which nobody can quarrel. The closeted homosexual is a sad figure from the past, and so is the homosexual who tries desperately to "marry" a heterosexual, thus increasing misery and psychic repression all round.

This may seem like an oblique way in which to approach Mel Gibson's ghastly movie The Passion. But it came back to me this week that an associate of his had once told me, in lacerating detail, that an evening with Mel was one long fiesta of boring but graphic jokes about anal sex. I've since had that confirmed by other sources. And, long before he emerged as the spear-carrier for the sort of Catholicism once preached by Gen. Franco and the persecutors of Dreyfus, Mel Gibson attained a brief notoriety for his loud and crude attacks on gays. Now he's become the proud producer of a movie that relies for its effect almost entirely on sadomasochistic male narcissism. The culture of blackshirt and brownshirt pseudomasculinity, as has often been pointed out, depended on some keen shared interests. Among them were massively repressed homoerotic fantasies, a camp interest in military uniforms, an obsession with flogging and a hatred of silky and effeminate Jews. Well, I mean to say, have you seen Mel's movie? [FULL TEXT]

Pilar Rahola: "Judeophobia Explains the Pro-Palestinian Hysteria of the European Left"

By Marc Tobiass
El Mundo / The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
October 2, 2002

A Catalan from Barcelona, Pilar Rahola is a highly colorful figure on the Spanish scene. She is known for her feminism, as well as for her frank and direct manner. A former parliamentarian, Pilar Rahola sat in the national legislature in Madrid for eight years, first as part of the republican left, then as the founder of the Independence Party. However, she decided to leave political life just over a year ago to devote more time to her other passions. She has just published "The History of Ada," a metaphor for abandoned children, those child-slaves or children-soldiers one finds all over the world, that is, when they are not turned into human bombs. She has also decided to step forward to denounce the flagrant imbalance in the handling of information from the Middle East. Her most recent piece, "In Favor of Israel," is to be published in a book in which fifteen Spanish intellectuals, including Jon Juaristi, president of the Cervantes Institute and Gabriel Alviac, a well-known journalist with El Mundo [translator's note : a Spanish daily newspaper], seek to re-establish the facts. [FULL TEXT]


The Worship of Blood
By Leon Wieseltier
The New Republic

There are still some miracles that movies cannot accomplish. If, in the manner of the bleeding images of the old Christian legends, it were possible for Mel Gibson's film itself to bleed, and the blood with which it soaks its wretched hero to burst through the screen and soak its wretched audience, it would have done so. For The Passion of the Christ is intoxicated by blood, by its beauty and its sanctity. The bloodthirstiness of Gibson's film is startling, and quickly sickening. The fluid is everywhere. It drips, it runs, it spatters, it jumps. It trickles down the post at which Jesus is flagellated and down the cross upon which he is crucified, and the camera only reluctantly tears itself away from the scarlet scenery. The flagellation scene and the crucifixion scene are frenzies of blood. When Jesus is nailed to the wood, the drops of blood that spring from his wound are filmed in slow-motion, with a twisted tenderness. (Ecce slo-mo.) It all concludes in the shower of blood that issues from the corpse of Jesus when it is pierced by the Roman soldier's spear.

This is the greatest story ever told as Dario Argento might have told it, in its lurid style and in its contempt for the moral sensitivities of ordinary people. Gibson's subject is torture, and he treats his subject lovingly. There are no lilies in this field. There is only the relentless destruction and dehumanization of a man, who exists here to have his body punished with an almost unimaginable fury. He falls, he rises, he falls, he rises; he bends beneath the blows, but never mentally; his flesh is ripped, his head is stabbed, his eye is beaten shut, his hair is a wig of dried blood, he is a pulp with a cause. He is what the early church fathers, writing with admiration of their martyrs, called an "athlete" of suffering. Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus, does not act, strictly speaking; he merely rolls his eyes heavenward and accepts more makeup. (He speaks little, as befits a man stupefied by suffering, though his Aramaic, like everybody else's in the film, is grammatically correct and risibly enunciated.)

The only cinematic achievement of The Passion of the Christ is that it breaks new ground in the verisimilitude of filmed violence. The notion that there is something spiritually exalting about the viewing of it is quite horrifying. The viewing of The Passion of the Christ is a profoundly brutalizing experience. Children must be protected from it. (If I were a Christian, I would not raise a Christian child on this.) Torture has been depicted in film many times before, but almost always in a spirit of protest. This film makes no quarrel with the pain that it excitedly inflicts. It is a repulsive masochistic fantasy, a sacred snuff film, and it leaves you with the feeling that the man who made it hates life. [FULL TEXT]


PM warns of Continuing Global Terror Threat
By Prime Minister Tony Blair

No decision I have ever made in politics has been as divisive as the decision to go to war to in Iraq. It remains deeply divisive today. I know a large part of the public want to move on. Rightly they say the Government should concentrate on the issues that elected us in 1997: the economy, jobs, living standards, health, education, crime. I share that view, and we are. But I know too that the nature of this issue over Iraq, stirring such bitter emotions as it does, can't just be swept away as ill-fitting the pre-occupations of the man and woman on the street. This is not simply because of the gravity of war; or the continued engagement of British troops and civilians in Iraq; or even because of reflections made on the integrity of the Prime Minister. It is because it was in March 2003 and remains my fervent view that the nature of the global threat we face in Britain and round the world is real and existential and it is the task of leadership to expose it and fight it, whatever the political cost; and that the true danger is not to any single politician's reputation, but to our country if we now ignore this threat or erase it from the agenda in embarrassment at the difficulties it causes.

In truth, the fundamental source of division over Iraq is not over issues of trust or integrity, though some insist on trying to translate it into that. Each week brings a fresh attempt to get a new angle that can prove it was all a gigantic conspiracy. We have had three inquiries, including the one by Lord Hutton conducted over six months, with more openness by Government than any such inquiry in history, that have affirmed there was no attempt to falsify intelligence in the dossier of September 2002, but rather that it was indeed an accurate summary of that intelligence.

We have seen one element - intelligence about some WMD being ready for use in 45 minutes - elevated into virtually the one fact that persuaded the nation into war. This intelligence was mentioned by me once in my statement to the House of Commons on 24 September and not mentioned by me again in any debate. It was mentioned by no-one in the crucial debate on 18 March 2003. In the period from 24 September to 29 May, the date of the BBC broadcast on it, it was raised twice in almost 40,000 written Parliamentary Questions in the House of Commons; and not once in almost 5,000 oral questions. Neither was it remotely the basis for the claim that Saddam had strategic as well as battlefield WMD. That was dealt with in a different part of the dossier; and though the Iraq Survey Group have indeed not found stockpiles of weapons, they have uncovered much evidence about Saddam's programme to develop long-range strategic missiles in breach of UN rules. [FULL TEXT]

Eye of the Storm: Teheran jamboree

Militants from some 40 countries are trekking to Teheran for a 10-day "revolutionary jamboree".

The Jerusalem Post

Militants from some 40 countries across the globe are trekking to Teheran for a 10-day "revolutionary jamboree" in which "a new strategy to confront the American Great Satan" will be hammered out.

The event is scheduled to start on February 1 to mark the 25th anniversary of the return to Iran from exile of the late Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini, father of the Islamic Revolution. It is not clear how many foreign militants will attend, but the official media promise a massive turnout to underline the Islamic Republic's position as the "throbbing heart of world resistance to American arrogance."

The guest list reads like a who's who of global terrorism. [FULL TEXT]

Europe's Crocodile Tears

The Jerusalem Post
Feb. 19, 2004

On Thursday, the European Commission held a seminar on anti-Semitism. This helped clarify what we already knew - that the EU strongly condemns anti-Semitism. At the same time, Europe continues to encourage what it condemns with its Middle East policy and with the anti-Semitic war it is helping to finance against Israel.

It is a well-known fact that parts of the EU funding to the Palestinian Authority ( 945 million from 2000 and 2003) were channeled to an undisclosed budget and that the PA has financed a terrorist war against Israel. In May 2002, Israel provided the European Commission with proof of the diversion of PA funds for terrorism.

Since then, the commission has denied having any knowledge of these facts, and the European parliament successfully stalled an inquiry committee on this issue. Instead of preventing the use of EU money to kill citizens of Israel, the majority of the political establishment dreams of an international "peace enforcement" against Israel, led or joined by the EU. [FULL TEXT]


Communique: 15 December 2003

2003: It was the year of the road map, the year of the hudna. Abu Mazen and Abu Ala, war in Iraq, targeted strikes in Gaza, the security fence. Destruction of Maxim in Haifa, Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem, the horrific "Children's Attack" on bus #2. The year that brought us an Israeli in space, Der Stuermer in the UK, the homicide donkey, child guinea pigs, and Rachel Corrie.

2003 was another trying year for Israel - a nation fighting simultaneous, uphill battles against terror and for fair coverage in the world media.

With the year drawing to a close, HonestReporting regretfully presents the third annual Dishonest Reporting "Award," our yearly recognition of the most skewed and biased coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thanks for your nominations and votes! We begin with the ignoble award "winner," followed by recipients of Dishonorable Mention: [FULL TEXT]

French schools fight deeply rooted racism

Anti-Semitism infuses scarf debate
By Thomas Fuller
The International Herald Tribune

MONTIGNY-L�S-CORMEILLES, France Head scarves were banned by administrators at the public school in this Paris suburb long before France began its current round of tortured debate on the issue.

While the public discussion focuses on France�s vaunted secularism, on women�s rights and the definitions of Frenchness, racism is a silent but powerful undercurrent propelling the debate.

It�s an undercurrent that Sarah Aguado, a precocious 13-year-old, knows well. As the only Jew in a school with a large Muslim minority, she was repeatedly insulted and attacked and finally forced to flee. [FULL TEXT]
Credit to

Holocaust education, Swedish-style

The Jerusalem Post

On the surface, the notion of a European Union member-state condoning the staging of an artistic display glorifying a Palestinian suicide bomber as an event held in conjunction with a conference on preventing genocide seems absurd.

In Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, or the Palestinian Authority such a juxtaposition would hardly raise an eyebrow, but how could such a thing take place in Sweden, a country ostensibly committed to human rights and freedoms?

As it turns out in Sweden's case, however, reputations are one thing, reality quite another, a lesson I learned over almost two decades in my dealings with the Swedish government on several issues relating to the Holocaust.


In Europe, Is It A Matter of Fear, Or Loathing?
By Robin Shepherd
The Washington Post, B02

It's the biggest political correctness flap Britain has seen in years. It has pitted one man against the BBC -- Britain's highbrow, purportedly impartial state television network -- and unleashed a national fracas over what may or may not be said about the hottest topic of the moment: Islam and the West.

Earlier this month, Robert Kilroy-Silk, a one time Labour MP and for 17 years the host of one of British television's most successful daily talk shows, let loose with a few thoughts about the Arab world. In a column for the mass circulation Sunday Express newspaper, under the deliberately provocative headline "We owe Arabs nothing," he opined, in part, as follows:

"Apart from oil -- which was discovered, is produced and is paid for by the West -- what do [Arab countries] contribute? . . . They should go down on their knees and thank God for the munificence of the United States. What do they think we feel about them? . . . That we admire them for the cold-blooded killings in Mombasa, Yemen and elsewhere? That we admire them for being suicide bombers, limb-amputators, women repressors?"
� 2004 The Washington Post Company


Column one: Of intellectual bondage
Israeli students speak of the intellectual tyranny of the radical Left on campuses.

Jerusalem Post

"How could you report the war in Iraq if you sided with the Americans?"

"How can you say that George Bush is better than Saddam Hussein?"

These are some of the milder questions I received from an audience of some 150 undergraduate students from Tel Aviv University's Political Science Department. The occasion was a guest lecture I gave last month on my experiences as an embedded reporter with the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division during the Iraq war.




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Thanks to the Marijuana Policy Project for bringing this to our attention.
Source: Office of Management and Budget - The Executive Office of the President


Paper presented to the Conference on A Modern Inquisition - The General Medical Council 27 October 2002 University of London Union Malet Street, London

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