The Trebach Report "Addicts are the scapegoat of our age."
--Reverend Terence E. Tanner, London, 1979

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  Paying the Piper

All of the activities of The Trebach Institute cost money. That includes this site, which like all of my other work pocket option for the institute, is a labor of love. I am doing it all, with the help of a few good friends and colleagues, because I love the process and the causes we advocate. But even labors of love require some financial support. They cost real money. As in past endeavors of this nature -- such as the creation and early development of The Drug Policy Foundation -- the seed money has been contributed by me and my wife, Marj Rosner. We will continue to support the site ourselves as long as possible.

We need your help to keep it going and to make it better -- and also to develop related projects of vital interest to the welfare of addicts and to the evolution of more enlightened drug policies across the board.

You can help provide financial support in a variety of ways.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution. This site and related projects are operated by The Trebach Institute, which is a 501(c)(3) organization under the United States Internal Revenue Code. Thus, contributions are usually deductible for the donor. For your records, the institute's EIN is 52-2158037.

The easiest way to make a contributionis to simply do it on-line using PayPal, below, which will take the contribution from one of your credit cards. This system is quick, easy pocket option is legal in india , secure, and confidential. Please give as much as you can.

On-line via PayPal:
Please enter an amount: $
I'd like my donation/registration to help with:

There is still the old fashioned way of sending money -- snail mail. Remember that? You may make the contribution in the form of a check made out to The Trebach Institute and sent by regular mail to Box 185, 5505 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015-2601. Moreover, you may direct your stock broker to send the Institute notification that it may receive designated shares of stock from your account. We will do the rest. There are great tax advantages in contributing pocket option bonus rules appreciated shares of stock, as you know.

My cordial best wishes to you all.


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